Hotel Villa Lucia
​Via Ovidio, 31

47814 Bellaria-Igea Marina (Rimini) ITALY

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Tel. 0541 331428 E-mail:

Tel. 0541 331428

Mob. 328 7359203 also WhatsApp

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Vacation between beach and culture

logo villa lucia 2019_bianco_trasparente

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Awakened with calm, you're on vacation don't forget.
Come down when you like, and try for once to make breakfast without a hurry...
Quiet, we think, to alert the lifeguard who takes a little.

Leave without having tasted a pancake, and chose something delicious including home-made cakes, traditional cookies, various types of fresh bread, spreads, hazelnut, opted to add something salty and sipped one of the 7 different types of coffee...


«Breakfast is an important moment, to be savoured slowly».           Petunia Ollister


Smell, sight, touch...
Breakfast really involves all the senses, therefore we think that even the hearing shouldn’t lag behind. 

​A well-designed playlist of lounge, jazz and world music will accompany your awakening.