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Casa Rossa

​The summer residence of the poet Alfredo Panzini


The "Casa Rossa" was the summer residence for about 30 years of Alfredo Panzini; writer and man of great importance, he was appreciated internationally through novels, essays and novels like:

The lantern of Diogenes "," The world is round "," The days of the sun and wheat "... and many others.

The house became a meeting place for friends and writers, as well as a privileged point of view of that rural world that merged into his narrative "Following the important restoration that took place in autumn 2006, the summer residence is presented with paintings, decorations and frescoes of value, which still allow you to glimpse and appreciate the artistic vein of this extraordinary writer.

In addition, events, exhibitions and cultural appointments held in the magic of the Park:"PAGES ON THE ONDA", meetings with contemporary authors,"THE WELLD MERCOLEDI' TO HOUSE OF ALFREDO", music and literature appointments, CARTE ALL' AIR! documents and images of Alfredo Panzini at the Casa Rossa.

From June to September
Opening hours: 20.30-23.00  

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