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Tourism since 1977


In the surroundings

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Casa Rossa

Since early '900 Bellaria is a holiday destination for Italian and foreign families and tourists. Along the port you can still breathe the atmosphere of the old fishing villages.

During the summer, the tradition of the past lives again by the seaside and along the streets through the representation of the “Landing of the Saracens”, a performance with 300 people in costume, vintage boats , scenery and animation.

To visit: the Saracen Tower which hosts the Museum of Shells, the Old Village , the " Red House", where the poet Alfredo Panzini , well-known literary men of the early twentieth, loved to spend his holidays. Nowadays it hosts several literary and cultural events .

The city center is a wide pedestrian area with many shops and bars, enhanced by a stylish urban design and green corners.

Every night street markets, rides for children and music brighten the boulevard. The atmosphere is particularly lively during the major summer events such as the "Bellaria Film Festival" dedicated to independent cinema and documentaries.

Finally there is the famous "La Notte Rosa", the New Year of the Riviera.