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Rimini. Fellinian itinerary 

Discovering Fellini’s Rimini starting from his famous films, especially from "AMARCORD", his most autobiographical work: 

  • Piazzale Fellini: the Grand Hotel, a symbol of “forbidden” desires;
  • Piazzale Boscovich: the pier, the so called "palata", a winter destination for I Vitelloni.
  • Piazzale C. Battisti: the railway station, the train, a metaphor for every departure. 
  • Corso d’Augusto: the Fulgor cinema, the eye on the world and the encounter with the American cinema, immortalized  in Amarcord. The set designer and three-time Academy Award winner Dante Ferretti designed the furnishings that gave new life to the cinema. 
  • Piazza Cavour: the Pigna Fountain, the spell of the peacock: in the Piazza Cavour that was rebuilt in Cinecittà famous sequences of Amarcord are filmed.
  • Tempio Malatestiano (Malatesta Temple). In via IV novembre, almost opposite the Tempio Malatestiano, was FeBo, the artistic workshop that Fellini opened together with the Rimini painter Demons Bonini.

​Even though the famous director has never made any film in this town in Romagna, Rimini was undoubtedly his muse, the city that most influenced his artistic imagination.

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