Hotel Villa Lucia
​Via Ovidio, 31

47814 Bellaria-Igea Marina (Rimini) ITALY

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Tel. 0541 331428

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Vacation between beach and culture

logo villa lucia 2019_bianco_trasparente

Scamporella. An unusual picnic among the olive trees 

Every THURSDAY (and sometimes on Tuesdays) from 23rd May to mid-September.
You arrive at sunset by car, then you park and a train will take you to Terre Giunchi, where the event is held. 

A party of white balloons, the breeze of the hill and a breath-taking view will welcome you. Here, you will be given a basket and assigned an olive tree: there are no tables, but ancient trunks by which you can sit on soft cushions and large tablecloths. 

The baskets contain the first tastings of the evening, and as the stars peep out, different dishes will be taken directly to your tree, up to the dessert. 

Being surprised far away from the sea: Romagna is also this. 

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