Albergo Villa Lucia
​Via Ovidio, 31

47814 Bellaria Igea Marina (Rimini)
Tel. (+39) 0541 331428


Tel. 0541 331428

Mob. 328 7359203 also WhatsApp

Bed & Breakfast

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You choose a bed & breakfast for freedom, not for giving up services. 

  • Mini tours, itineraries chosen to discover the area: hinterland, sea, villages and cities of art, the choice is yours. 

  • The pleasure of a tea, an herbal tea or a coffee, directly in your room whenever you want; our courtesy tray fulfils this little daily pleasure. 

  • Do you like to have something fresh directly in your room whenever you want? Just ask: a minibar is not luxury, but only the freedom you were looking for. (This service has a small extra charge).

  • Our personal selection of restaurants and local taverns.

  • Free bicycles available.

  • “A small selection of guides”: Organize, read and find your itinerary and your next experience.